Discover Leipzig independently | Tips for a 2-hour tour

Leipzig Zentrum

Some of our guests, possibly also you, are only a few days in our hotel, usually during the day on business in the city. Often, therefore, it is only possible in the evening, alone or in a round, to get a lasting impression of Leipzig in a fast-forward run – the heart of the trade fair city is without a doubt the center, also known as the historic old town. The practical – with the tram 9 from the Hotel Zur alten Stadtkellerei you can travel from the north to the south without having to change trains.

From the hotel you are only 2 tram stations or 1.8 km away from the main train station and thus the beginning of the city center. Already at the main station you will find the first sight – the main station. With a covered floor area of 83,640 square meters, it is the largest terminal station in Europe in terms of area. In addition to the impressive architecture, you also have various shopping facilities for food, textiles, food and drugstore products on Sundays.

Out of the main train station and across the street you are on the edge of the historic old town. You will find metropolitan flair and a mass of culture on a small area.

Nikolaichurch and nikolai column

The Nikolaichurch is one of the two churches in Leipzig in which the composer Johann Sebastian Bach was responsible for church music. This church was the starting point of the Peaceful Revolution against the GDR regime and is therefore also known as a landmark of reunification.


In addition to the Auerbachs Keller from the book “Faust” by Geothe, the Mädlerpassage also houses the cabaret “Sanftwut”. Here you will also find various delicatessens and manufactories in the city.

Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall is the former seat of leipzig’s city administration and a remarkable example of German Rennaissance architecture. Since 1909 it has been the home of the city history museum.

Old Trading exchange

The “Alte Börse” (Old Trading exchange) is Leipzig’s oldest baroque building. It was built in 1678 and was a representative meeting place for merchants for over 200 years. Today, the noble object serves as a venue for concerts, readings, congresses and theatre.

Augusatusplatz | Leipzig Opera

The Augustusplatz with a pan-optical view of the Gewandhaus, the Leipzig Opera, the Panorama Tower, also known as the “Weißheitszahn”, the Paulinum, a library with a glass front of the University of Leipzig, the Mendelbrunnen and other places steeped in history. You have lost the thread? Rightly so, so you prefer to see for yourself. More information about special places and sights can be found at Experiences | Destinations or read our article about the opera, the cloth hall with the focus on music and culture in Leipzig.

Are you planning a trip within the city? We are happy to assist you at our reception with city maps, train connections and directions.

Your team from the Hotel Zur alten Stadtkellerei in Leipzig


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