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We invite you on a small wine tour in the idyllic and from a European point of view northernmost wine-growing region Saale-Unstrut in 50 km distance to the Hotel Zur alten Stadtkellerei. Vineyards with steep terraces and romantic vineyard houses adorn the landscape of the region, where the Freyburg-Unstrut winegrowers’ association with over 500 winegrowers and a long tradition produce qualitative red wines, white wines and roses.

Since 1828 under the wine wholesaler of Gotthelf Kühne there is also the affinity of the now Alte Stadtkellerei to fine wines. Arrived in the present, we now present our guests with an exquisite selection of wines – which in this article focuses on the regional wines.

In the following we introduce you to the classics of red wines, white wines and roses of the winegrowers’ association Freyburg-Unstrut.

The red wines | Blue Zweigelt | Portuguese | Dornfelder-Portuguese

Saale Unstrut Portugieser dry

The classic in our house is the Portuguese. Fine fruity, subtle tannin note, reminiscent of strawberries with a subtle pepper note. In addition to its ruby red color and flowery character, this Portuguese has a pleasant fullness. Red currants and full-ripe raspberries characterize the multi-layered bouquet, which is complemented by a discreet sour cherry note. The elegant wine from the Winzervereinigung Freyburg is recommended with its racy acidity to hearty meat dishes.

Saale Unstrut Blauer Zweigelt dry

The 2019 Blauer Zweigelt from the Cellar Master Edition inspires wine connoisseurs with its fruity, rich, supple and harmonious bouquet. Not least thanks to the storage in oak barrels (barriques) that this red wine gets its distinctive and extraordinary character.

Saale Unstrut Dornfelder-Portuguese dry

In dark red colour with violet highlights, the Winegrowers’ Association Freyburg-Unstrut Saale Unstrut Dornfelder-Portuguese lies dry in the glass, but is compared to the other two the sweetest red wine. Enjoy a sensual bouquet of different, ripe, red and black berries and the mix of Dornfelder and Portuguese berry. Likewise with berry fruits, but also a charming seasoning note, this red wine then shows itself on the palate. A dry, very soft pleasure experience.

The white wines | Riesling Traminer | Silvaner | Müller-Thurgau

Saale Unstrut Riesling Traminer dry

Our classic of white wines is the Riesling Traminer. Riesling and Traminer complement each other perfectly in the cuvée: The Riesling delivers sparkling acidity and citrus aromas, the Traminer forms the bouquet of nutmeg and ripe apricots. The fruity body goes well with directed with intense tastes and spices from a European point of view, i.e. such as asian cuisine.

Saale Unstrut Müller-Thurgau dry

This fresh and uncomplicated Müller-Thurgau is also characterized by a harmonious taste. With its accentuated acidity and the typical bouquet, it is the perfect companion for every day. Müller-Thurgau is number two among the most popular types of wine, behind Riesling. Grown in all 13 German quality wine regions, the Müller-Thurgau is an absolute classic.

Saale Unstrut Silvaner dry

The Silvaner is incredibly varied in taste like hardly any other variety. This has to do with the fact that the nature of the soil, the location and the climate – the “terroir” – have an influence on the taste. Thus, wine connoisseurs with regard to Silvaner grape varieties can often recognize from which wine-growing region they come. The fruity bouquet of elderberry goes perfectly with fresh and light dishes. In the 1970s, the Silvaner grape variety was the most popular in Germany – currently it is in third place after Riesling and Müller-Thurgau.

In the house “Alte Stadtkellerei” we offer various other wines from the region and the near abroad. Our wines included in the standard range can be found here. Book wine tastings and other service packages in addition to your overnight stay. Do you have specific individual ideas? In this case, it is best to contact us by phone, e-mail or contact form

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